Clue #2

2. Ibor Thorn

Includes only two skill checks.


  • DC 15 Intimidate or some other skill to change his feelings
  • DC 20 Sense Motive check reveals that Ibor’s holding something back.
  • DC 25 Diplomacy, Intimidate vs Will, or Bluff vs Insight. Indifferent adds -5 to the difficulty (included in diplomacy).
Ok this may be tough for a newb like me. Ibor doesn't have any stats other than level 2 expert (Burnt Offerings pg. 67 under #25). So I need to find a way to make a 4e level 2 expert. I couldn't find any info in the DMG on that kind of class. WoTC wants to make it tough on me I guess. Looking at the pages on how to create an NPC doesn't help because they only have info for types of classes used for combat. Well I guess I could use one of those, but I would still have to build him out from scratch. Luckily there is another reference which seems to fit the bill, the Monster Manual. I flip to the page containing Human info (MM, pg. 162). There are a couple of entries two of which seem like a good fit. The Human Lackey and the Bandit. I feel the lacky would be a better fit, but I would have to subtract 5 levels from him just to get a couple saves for the DC above. Lets make this easy and use the bandit which is level two already. Alright now we are cooking. If Ibor played any bigger part in the story I wouldn't have an issue fleshing him out. Luckily for me he's a nobody and will always run the sawmill unless the Scarnetti's decide to make an example of him.
  • DC 25 Insight to sense Ibor is holding something back. This is supposed to be a difficult check. In 3.5 a 4th level PC could have 9 skill points in Sense Motive giving about a 50% chance to tell he is trying to hold back. With a DC 25 in 4e my test rolls seem to average around 40-50%


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