GW's sneak peek page has been updated with new Ork pics as well as the C:Orks cover. Very cool indeed. The part of me that wants all the new stuff is trying to bust out again.

Link Here

Better quality pic

Thanks to Matt for help in setting the camera options up for a crisper image!

1st pic up

I posted the 1st pic up on Warseer's Forums. Please let me know what you think. Either here or on Warseer.

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Wow what can I say. BioShock has taken what little free time I have at nights. I believe I am nearing the end of the game. The story is really engrossing which makes it even harder to stop playing. Hopefully I can wrap it up before this weekend.

On another note I finally figured out how to take focused pictures of my mini's. Thanks to The Man From Room Five on the 40K online forums for posting a sticky for us other folks. Until recently the only camera I have owned is the one that came with my cell phone. My wife and I picked up a Canon A560 for $150 at Circuit City a week ago. It has worked really good so far and we are quite pleased with it.

I brought my 90% finished Infantry Platoon Sergeant in to work to remind me to figure out how to get those pictures taken. Once I get Gimp loaded up I will crop, etc the pictures and post them up. I will also through them out on the Warseer and 40K forums for feedback.

I have created a first draft of a flag I will try and work on as time permits. This is the company standard for the Fighting 812th of Maladin Prime.

Background notes *fluff*
Not long after the Horus Heresy a company of Imperial Fists used the planet as a staging area. The Imperial Fists conscripted the citizens into military service. Using them to heavily fortify the planet in case the Traitor Chapters backtracked. They also setup a ruling party which was required to submit complete fealty to the Emperor and Terra. Because of this the citizens are strictly devoted to the Emperor. Every citizen is required to volunteer at least 5 years in military services.

After much of the galaxy was reclaimed the Imperial Fist left the planet. Over the Millennium since then the Maladin Government has insured the Emperors will is strictly enforced. During the IF occupation the military flag was changed to the current version. The latin in the flag relates to the devotion of the Emperor.

There are islands that are under strict military control. The few rumors that are whispered say there are special training centers located on them, and the troops are not dressed in the standard issue forest camo.

Gaming Table

I am really interested in building my own gaming table. I have been looking at different websites and reading different ways of doing it. I found this post on Warseer to be a little more advanced than I can handle right now, but it really sounds good.

Army List

By the time Sebastian was six everyone knew he was especially bright. He was already taking advanced courses in military warfare at the local training center. The Colonel in charge of the school sent daily reports to his superiors about Sebastian's progress. Someone high up in the Maladin HQ was keeping a close eye on him.

To get enough troops painted is going to take some time. I do hope to get 6 more guys painted in the next 2-3 weeks. That will give me 10 troops with a flammer, vox-caster, and a sergeant. The overall goal of my army is to be mobile with heavy hitting armor. At this point I have purchased enough to field the minimum Force Organization Chart (FOC). This means that I have the following

  • HQ comprised of a Heroic Senior Officer (HSO), standard bearer, medic, vox caster, and two regular troops.
  • One Infantry Platoon which includes a Junior Officer, standard bearer, medic, vox caster, two regular troops and 20 foot soldiers in two 10 man squads.
  • One Armored Fist squad of 10 troops mounted in a Chimera.
  • 6 heavy weapons that can be used as either HQ support choices or to fill out the squads.
By my rough calculations, and not taking into account heavy or special weapons, I will be fielding 40 guys and 1 vehicle for a points total of 360. Once I start adding in wargear, the vox-casters, special/heavy weapons, and outfit the Chimera that will definitely go up.

Since my goal is to field some armor my next few purchases will revolve around the Leman Russ variants and some Sentinels. That will definitely be some time in the future. Especially after seeing the Apoc pre-release box sets. A 3 pack of tanks for $90 bucks!!! With the 20% discount at The War Store that brings it down to about $75.

Warseer has pictures of some of the new Apocalypse data sheets up. Bell of Lost Souls has them now as well.

The Emperors Legacy

Sebastian woke from a terrifying dream. The Immortal God-Emperor whispered to him. He knew what must be done ...

This site will be dedicated to my hobby of Warhammer 40K. I dabbled in the game about 4-5 years ago. I started with a VERY small Chaos Space Marine (CSM) army which did not see a lot of action. This was during the 3rd edition ruleset. After playing some games with friends I realized I did not want to continue down the path of Chaos. I remember looking over the different race material and deciding on the Imperial Guard. The biggest factor in my decision was the amount of armor that can be fielded. Another factor was the Human Equation. Out of all the races the IG are plain humans. They are not genetically enhanced, do not use daemonic powers, and are not technically advanced. Since the IG are nothing but humans I wanted my army to be symbolic of our troops and to pay homage to them and their sacrifices. Because of this I paint my models after the basic forest camo pattern pre-digital print.

My IG troops are based off the Cadian Maladin home system and are part of the 812th Battle Company. This is still a relatively new Company which will change in structure and size over the years. Currently I am in the process of putting together enough troops, about 10 and a transport, just so I can get back into the game with friends.

For me the fluff of W40K is what drew me in. I love reading over the stories printed in each book. Learning what drives each race to move forward and the history that brought them to their current state. Since I enjoy the fluff so much it will become a part of the site and hopefully something you enjoy reading. It will be italized so you can skip it if you wish.

Something else I plan to do is Battle Reports. I got this idea from Ailaros on the 40konline forums. Ailaros battles are tense and the story fluff really gets you in the mood.

Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, etc.

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