Army List

By the time Sebastian was six everyone knew he was especially bright. He was already taking advanced courses in military warfare at the local training center. The Colonel in charge of the school sent daily reports to his superiors about Sebastian's progress. Someone high up in the Maladin HQ was keeping a close eye on him.

To get enough troops painted is going to take some time. I do hope to get 6 more guys painted in the next 2-3 weeks. That will give me 10 troops with a flammer, vox-caster, and a sergeant. The overall goal of my army is to be mobile with heavy hitting armor. At this point I have purchased enough to field the minimum Force Organization Chart (FOC). This means that I have the following

  • HQ comprised of a Heroic Senior Officer (HSO), standard bearer, medic, vox caster, and two regular troops.
  • One Infantry Platoon which includes a Junior Officer, standard bearer, medic, vox caster, two regular troops and 20 foot soldiers in two 10 man squads.
  • One Armored Fist squad of 10 troops mounted in a Chimera.
  • 6 heavy weapons that can be used as either HQ support choices or to fill out the squads.
By my rough calculations, and not taking into account heavy or special weapons, I will be fielding 40 guys and 1 vehicle for a points total of 360. Once I start adding in wargear, the vox-casters, special/heavy weapons, and outfit the Chimera that will definitely go up.

Since my goal is to field some armor my next few purchases will revolve around the Leman Russ variants and some Sentinels. That will definitely be some time in the future. Especially after seeing the Apoc pre-release box sets. A 3 pack of tanks for $90 bucks!!! With the 20% discount at The War Store that brings it down to about $75.


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