Wow what can I say. BioShock has taken what little free time I have at nights. I believe I am nearing the end of the game. The story is really engrossing which makes it even harder to stop playing. Hopefully I can wrap it up before this weekend.

On another note I finally figured out how to take focused pictures of my mini's. Thanks to The Man From Room Five on the 40K online forums for posting a sticky for us other folks. Until recently the only camera I have owned is the one that came with my cell phone. My wife and I picked up a Canon A560 for $150 at Circuit City a week ago. It has worked really good so far and we are quite pleased with it.

I brought my 90% finished Infantry Platoon Sergeant in to work to remind me to figure out how to get those pictures taken. Once I get Gimp loaded up I will crop, etc the pictures and post them up. I will also through them out on the Warseer and 40K forums for feedback.


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