First Party Death

So this past Saturday's game marks the first PC death. It just so happened to be my 11 y.o. son who played Zeldax fierce warrior. I think he was in search of some princess and a triangle shaped key. I am kidding about that last part.

Anyway, the other guys are much older in their 30's so the maturity level is pretty big. From the first day he started with us I noticed this arrogant attitude from him at the table. Now I normally would deal with this as soon as it came up, but I wanted to see how the others re-acted. I can tell Matt was getting a little annoyed with Ray and Will trying to help him out a little. My son didn't seem to pick up on the hints to just sit back and learn. Which brings us up to the last game. The group just started at the maze of briars at the Thistletop entrance. They take the first path to the left which eventually leads to a passage left and the other ahead on the right. The others are trying to figure out what they should do. Everyone rolls listen and spot checks. My son walks right on by to check out the passage ahead on the right. I call for initiative checks and everyone groans abit and looks at him. I try to explain that he walked right by an open doorway without first checking it out. The encounter was way to easy for the others as they bottlenecked the doorway and slaughtered a bunch of refugee goblins and a few extra dogs I threw in.

Fast forward a few halfways/rooms and the bard spots a room with 6 goblin dogs chewing on some remains. Surprise round give them a tine bit of advantage. The doorway is still narrow but this time it is 10ft wide and the dogs have 50ft movement. They engage the party quickly while they are hampered by a 4ft tall hallway. My son who is a brave little guy runs up backed up by Rayzo (Ray's Barbarian). Of course now he has blocked the others from getting any shots off which annoys them as well.

A couple things I should point out:
1. My son started after the group so his fighter is 3-400 exp behind them and still level 1. The others hit 2nd making them more effective in combat.
2. The Wizard (Matt's) didn't memorize any offensive spells. At least not any that he used. He is basically a crappy ranger.

Ok back to the post; My son takes a couple hits bringing him dangerously low. Ray moves his cleric up but decides to hang back a square and throws a CLW on this Barbarian. The next turn my son goes down by one of the dogs. The others start shooting above his corpse. He looks at me like I murdered our dog. Then looks at the others with a smile and asks for someone to bring him back alive. Matt looks at him and says something about them not raising him and he is lucky they don't roll his corpse down the hole they just passed. He gets up and I tell him to roll up another one.

Now I try to let my kids work their problems out and if there are any questions or I feel I should intervene I will. So I let him go and continue on. After getting the others into the next encounter I head up to talk to him. He looks like he is about to start crying. I try to comfort him as best as I can. To me it is nothing but a game and making the characters is one of the best parts of it. To him he lost a part of him. Part of our discussion centers on his actions. I try my best to show that you are part of a group not 5 individuals doing whatever you want. Another thing I discuss with him is his attitude. I feel I got through to him. He wasn't as upset afterwards and we are planning on fleshing out Penelo his female Cleric. I can't wait.

Oh wait, about the game? Well Gogmurt or whatever his name is was a challenge for them. I will say Matt's Wiz is a bitch with his crossbow. Before I could move the Goblin druid back out of combat into the surrounding briars he scores a hit and kills him. Great. I have a few things up my sleeve. One of which is the whole Goblin camp is aware of their arrival. Once we meet back up this Saturday they will hear the alarm ringing. MWUAHAHAHA. um yeah, sorry.


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