Ok, so I know I am not the most organized person around. So my goals for the next session are:

  1. Organize stats of any NPC they will can fight. Right now I have 4 of the last 6 bosses already printed out on The Game Mechanics free monster cards. I need to add the hirelings to the sheets.
  2. Use the free item cards I get from Paizo on each of my shipments. These are tracked in a spreadsheet on Google Docs. I only keep cards for items that are magical or quest related. They have a number on the back which is noted in the spreadsheet. Once they ID the item I tell them what it is and they write it on the back. Not game breaking but it looks cool to dump a few of them in a small treasure chest.
  3. Keep better track of the game environments. As noted before I didn't trigger the bridge trap and failed to use the Ripnugget encounter as I should have.


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